Board Response and Community Support During COVID-19

Dear People’s Food Co-op Members,

We’re reaching out to let you know what the board is doing to support our members and the greater community during the COVID-19 health crisis.

First, we’re maintaining constant communication with our General Manager to ensure that she has the resources needed to continue providing a safe and valuable service to the community. She has made the difficult decision to curtail some products and services to maintain the basic functioning of the store. We support and are thankful for her efforts. Likewise, we are thankful to the co-op staff who have been working hard to keep the shelves stocked while at the same time following strict guidelines to maintain cleanliness in the store (More details: We thank our members and community shoppers for their patience and vigilant regard for social distancing while in the store. With the General Manager, staff, and shoppers working together, the store can remain a fundamental resource to the community.

Volunteer Shopper Program

The board has embarked on a project to have volunteers shop for, and deliver the groceries to members who are more vulnerable and need to shelter in place. Volunteer shoppers will need to work out the grocery list and payment details with the requester. Those who wish to volunteer their time to shop and deliver groceries to the member’s doorstep can email “”. If you are housebound and would like help from a volunteer shopper, please email “” with your contact information. Board members have volunteered their time to connect volunteers and requesters. To those who need assistance, we’re here for you. To those who will volunteer, thank you. The embodiment of our core principle of cooperation will see us through the long-term challenges that our community is facing.

Election and Annual Meeting Update

Each year, the membership elects fellow members to the board. The election culminates in an Annual Meeting, where we announce the election results, and report on the board’s work and the store’s financials from the previous year. Voting is an easy way to fully participate in the democracy of the co-op. Members are encouraged to vote online or alternately use the printed ballot included in the annual election newsletter. For more information on the election, and to cast your vote, please see the election information page on the PFC website:

While the Annual Meeting will still happen on April 15, 2020, the meeting itself has been moved to the virtual platform of Bluejeans. Any interested member will be able to join the meeting via either phone or internet connection. Information on how to join the meeting and how to see the financial review of the co-op’s past is available on the Annual Meeting 2020 webpage:  If you have questions or agenda items beforehand, you can email them to Members who join the live virtual meeting will also have time to ask questions. We were very excited to feature a guest speaker at this year’s annual meeting, Malik Yakini, but due to reconfiguring our presentation to a virtual platform, we will not be including Mr. Yakini’s presentation.  We will be planning to have him join us in person in the future to talk about the work that Black Food Security Network is doing in Detroit to make the Detroit People’s Food Co-op a reality.

The board wishes good health and well-being to all the members of our community. Please stay tuned for more updates from the Board and the General Manager during this time. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us.

Yours in cooperation,

The PFC Board of Directors