Become a Member-Owner

Everyone is welcome to shop, but there are awesome benefits to membership.

Becoming a Member-Owner only takes a minute, but the results are long-lasting.

People’s Food Co-op, an Ann Arbor institution since 1971.

When you join the Co-op, you become part of a vibrant local food system that supports hundreds of farmers, growers & producers!

Benefits of being a Co-op Member

  • Co-op Members save an EXTRA 10% OFF on CO+OP DEALS sale items every time they shop.
  • 20% off discount on non-perishable case orders.
  • Member-Only sales throughout the store.
  • Discounts & coupons throughout the year.
  • Member Appreciation Days: discounts, samples, & entertainment.
  • Receive our Connection newsletter.
  • Elect members or serve on the Co-op Board of Directors.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting with guest speakers, food, & fellowship.
  • Support local food & farms by keeping your money in the community.
  • Keep approximately 50 local people employed.
  • Receive a green reusable Co-op shopping bag.
  • Patronage rebates: Co-ops share their profits with members in profitable years, proportional to the amount spent at the co-op.


Payment plans are available!

Your investment helps the co-op grow!

Why be a member?

Besides the financial and other benefits on the reverse side, here are some additional ways your membership has an impact:
Our community will be enriched and you invest in an Ann Arbor institution that has been in existence since 1971.

You’re Supporting the cooperative movement:

PFC is part of an international cooperative movement, an alternative to the “big business” model. We’re in business to serve our community, not just to make a profit. We also support other cooperative business whenever possible.

You’re Keeping it Local:

Why support a huge multi-national, for-profit business when you can support a community-owned, not-for-profit business that’s been a part of Ann Arbor for 49 years.

We’re on a mission:

The People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor provides our community with accessible, sustainable, local food and household products as an economically just, member-owned business.

Our Ends Policies:

Health and well-being for Members and the community for a cost justified by the results.
Peoples Food Cooperative exists to provide service to our members and the community by achieving our ends:

  1. Through our products and services we promote local economy, environmental sustainability, health, and economic justice.
  2. We enhance and encourage cooperative community.
  3. We foster participatory ownership through volunteer opportunities, educational experiences and cooperative governance.
  4. In our business and community, we work towards the elimination of institutional and structural racism and oppression.
  5. We develop collective community wisdom around health and nutrition, principles and practices of sustainability, cooperative values and principles, and our own cooperative history.
  6. We are a model employer demonstrating a culture of professionalism, mutual support, and open communication which is based on the balance of personal and organizational needs.
  7. Remembering and building on Peoples Food Co-op’s history we will thrive into the future!

How to become a Member-Owner

Join with an investment of $160 – fully refundable at any time. Pay all at once or in installments ($10 fee applies).

COME IN AND SIGN UP! Any of our cashiers WILL be happy to help you join!