PFC Board Minutes & Reports

Minutes & Reports

Are you wondering what’s up at recent Board meetings? Have a look at the on-line meeting minutes! Minutes are posted after being approved at the following meeting. They can also be viewed at the PFC office.

Find the upcoming meeting’s agenda on the PFC home page.


Annual Reports

The People’s Food Cooperative holds an annual meeting every April. At that meeting the annual report from the previous calendar year is distributed. Below are annual reports that you can view and download to read at your leisure.

Read the 2023Annual Report (distributed in 2024)

Watch the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Read the 2022Annual Report (distributed in 2023)

Read the 2021 Annual Report (distributed in 2022)

Read the 2020 Annual Report (distributed in 2021)

Read the 2019 Annual Report (distributed in 2020)

Read the 2018 Annual Report (distributed in 2019)

Read the 2017 Annual Report (distributed in 2018)

Read the 2016 Annual Report (distributed in 2017)

Read the 2015 Annual Report (distributed in 2016)

Read the 2014 Annual Report (distributed in 2015)

Read the 2013 Annual Report (distributed in 2014)

Read the 2012 Annual Report (distributed in 2013)

Updated 5/18/2022