PFC Board Election 2024! Newsletter

March 2024
Dear People’s Food Co-op Members and Shoppers,

To preserve our co-op as a whole, PFC leadership, the General Manager and Board of Directors, have made the decision to pivot our product offerings. We are converting the café and kitchen areas to focus on more retail grocery offerings. We have taken into account the feedback of our members and shoppers in wanting greater selection and expansion of certain departments and are acting on those suggestions.

We are working to make changes that will benefit our shoppers and community such as: changing our financial benefits of membership to be more frequent, addressing our lack of parking while also focusing on supporting non-car commuters, and expanding our product offerings.

We have done our careful due diligence in making these changes and look forward to this expansion of offerings at PFC.

I offer my deep appreciation for your support of PFC over the years as we have learned, grown and changed together. And I ask that you continue to show your support for Ann Arbor’s community owned co-operative grocery store by prioritizing the co-op for your grocery purchases.

Angie Voiles, General Manager

Dan Gannon Co-op Member Since: January 2021
What You’ll Find in My Cart: bulk steel cut oats and lentils, BirdDog “Ypsi Sour” bread, case quantities of Equal Exchange coffee, yellow popcorn, jars of pickles or jams and cans of whole tomatoes

Why I Love the Co-op: It’s a brick and mortar demonstration of the burning human desire to improve our relationship with each other and the earth, an unassuming sign that even in meeting our basic common need to eat, every individual has a part to play in shaping what world we wake up in tomorrow.

What I’ve Learned from Serving on the Co-op Board: Extraordinary change comes from ordinary acts (and actors!). What a privilege to see the willingness to meet each other as we are; to take time for conversation; to realize the value of clearly stated expectations and finding the right words to express agreements; to accept conflict and challenge in the course of lively discussion, and to then trust the process and my peers even if I would have preferred a different outcome. An organization, like an individual life, grows and matures, has different needs at different times, and I can show I care by continuing to participate in the relationship.
Dear People’s Food Co-op Community,

Since joining the staff at PFC in 2014, I was excited to learn about this small but mighty not-for-profit grocery store, and have since fallen absolutely in love with it. My personal goal is to share and celebrate this excitement and love with every person, staff or otherwise, that passes through our doors.  While I understand and embrace that times change, that does mean we, as a cooperative, need to also evolve to stay current while growing from our roots and core values.

 Some of our most cherished member-owners stem from the age of volunteer work and some questionable bulk items, but I am still excited to be working towards adding new chapters to the Co-op’s history book in our little corner of Ann Arbor.  Offering this community the highest quality food is our main goal, which can feel impossible with the forever increasing cost of goods and living, but it is a challenge our staff rises to every day.

In 2020 we watched our world halt and pivot. With our neighbors, and the co-op as a whole, we provided access to delicious, locally grown foods. While we will always continue to grow on the principles we humbly started from, it’s necessary we celebrate who we are now and what is yet to come as we adapt to the evolving community around us.

As the longest current standing member of the Board of Directors, listening and responding to my community’s needs has been a highlight of my daily routine.  Few things make me as proud as I am to serve as our Board secretary and I look forward to continuing as long as our dedicated member-owners allow me to do so.  The last few years have been difficult for all of us, but being a part of this change brings me hope for the future and I can’t wait to see where we go for the better in generations to come.  I look forward to continuing to work with all of you, old school member-owners and the newest folks alike, and I thank you for your passion, dedication, and patronage along the way.

In solidarity,
Amanda McCreless, Board Secretary

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Tuesday, March 26th, in store & online.

Monday, April 15th at 6pm.

Jane Dixon
People’s Food Co-op Candidate
Statement 2024 Election

I am interested in serving on the People’s Food Co-op Board of Directors because I am deeply passionate about fostering community through engagement, promoting sustainable practices within the local food system, and supporting a democratized business. As a member of the co-op, I believe in its values and want to contribute my time and expertise to help steer its direction towards continued growth and success.

I would bring a diverse set of knowledge, skills, and experience to the Board. With a background in community engagement and urban planning, I have the analytical abilities to assess financial reports, the strategic mindset to plan for long-term growth, and the understanding of urban dynamics to navigate complex community relationships and development considerations. My experience in urban planning allows me to envision the co-op’s role within the broader urban context, ensuring that our initiatives align with sustainable development goals and contribute positively to the larger community’s socio-economic fabric. By actively engaging with community partners, I hope to help PFC further strategically position itself to address some of Ann Arbor’s urban challenges such as access to fresh produce, and equitable economic development. I already envision many opportunities to tap into populations that may be underrepresented at PFC, such as students. Furthermore, I believe I can leverage my understanding of local government to strengthen the PFC’s partnership with the City and the Downtown Development Authority. My professional experience also affords me a deep understanding for the role of Director on the Board within the Policy Governance Model through my work with many advisory commissions. I will bring a holistic approach that will help create the foundation for the General Manager to implement business decisions successfully.

Living in Kerrytown, I have come to love the community PFC helps create, from Wednesday night Community Dinners to Saturday Coffee Chats. I have seen how quickly and organically a community can blossom when given the right grounds. I hope to foster the crucial role PFC plays in the broader community as a hub for promoting healthy living, supporting local farmers and producers, and creating a sense of place. I believe my holistic approach to sustainable food systems and environmental stewardship aligns with PFC’s mission, and I am eager to contribute innovative ideas to enhance the co-op’s role in Ann Arbor.

To ensure a strong, sustainable future for our co-op, I would prioritize several key areas. First and foremost, the maintenance of financial stability and investigation of strategic growth opportunities. Additionally, I would further support the focus on enhancing member engagement and participation through educational programs, community events, and inclusive decision-making processes. Lastly, I would continue to foster strong partnerships with local farmers, producers, and businesses, we can support the local economy. By addressing these priorities, I hope to help ensure the long-term success and vitality of our co-op for generations to come. Serving as a Director on the PFC Board is at the perfect intersection of my passion for local food systems, strengthening community, and championing environmental and economic justice.

Kate Krauss
People’s Food Co-op Candidate
Statement 2024 Election

As a proud Co-op member and devoted local economy enthusiast, I’m excited about the prospect of joining the PFC board and serving our food community. I’ve spent much of the last few decades working and volunteering for organizations that are devoted to strengthening the local economy, from farming to distribution to retail.

Currently, I serve as CEO of Fair Food Network, a Michigan-based non-profit which seeks to grow the vitality of communities across Michigan (and beyond!) through investments in the food economy. One of our primary strategies is supporting the growth and sustainability of small, independent grocery stores – and their connection to supporting healthy people, community wealth, and resilient food systems.

Previously, I’ve served in executive management and fundraising roles for several other non-profit organizations, as well as on other boards and as the (volunteer) Director of Finance for the Green Hill Food Co-op in my previous hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Combined with my current role, these experiences have both helped me understand how a board can be most effective and made me familiar with the opportunities and challenges faced by retail grocery across the sector.

I am seeking to serve on the PFC Board because I love the idea of community-owned resources, especially when it comes to food. And because I believe I can make a difference; I think the skills I have developed through my past experiences can be an asset to our Co-op and can help it evolve with the changing landscape of our city and overall food/farming economy. I also know I have a lot to learn, and I’m excited about the opportunity to learn from my fellow board members, PFC staff, and the Co-op community more broadly. My long-term priorities would include maximizing the Co-op’s contribution to a local, just food economy; supporting affordable healthy food access for folks with limited income; and ensuring long-term stability so that these benefits can accrue to the community for generations to come.

ABOUT: The Board of Directors are elected by PFC members to represent them in setting policy and ensure the financial well-being of the Co-op.

Member-owners are encouraged to participate in the Co-op’s decision-making process and to attend monthly board meetings. Time is set aside for public comments at the start of each meeting. Have a topic you would like the board to consider? The deadline for member requested agenda items is two weeks before the scheduled meeting. Contact president@peoplesfood.coopfor more information. Our board generally meets on the third Wednesday of the month (subject as always to occasional one-time shifts to accommodate events).

Have a comment to share with us, contact any of the directors.

The Board meets May15, the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

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We love members to attend! Please bring ideas, comments, & constructive criticism. The meeting’s agenda will be posted here the weekend before.