We have a little bit of everything!

The People’s Food Co-op has eight sales departments run by staff who care about what they are doing. They are constantly researching new and exciting products to enable us to fulfill our intention of having what you need, when you need it.

Grocery Store

The People’s Food Co-op is Ann Arbor’s first natural-foods grocery store carrying a full-range of groceries, produce & environmentally sensitive cleaning products. No need to worry when going to or hosting a party – take along some of our really delicious cheese and a bottle of wine or some local beer and you will be all set. We buy from local businesses when at all possible and emphasize organic whenever feasible. Foods that contains artificial preservatives or color will not appear on our shelves and we support the “Just Label It” campaign for more transparency in our food system. So whether you are shopping for the week or popping in for something during your lunch hour our intention is to have what you need when you need it !


Local ! Local ! Local ! is the mantra here in our produce aisle. Whether our produce is grown using organic practices or if the grower is using the very expensive certification process, we work towards a wide and balanced selection; offering affordable options as stated in Co-op Policy E.1. d. We have been working with many of our farmers for a lot of years and are excited to be able to branch out and purchase from many of the new small growers in the immediate area. Using innovative methods, some of the new small farmers are producing well into the winter. We will always have to compromise since Michigan is not known for its long sunny growing season, LOL, but we do it carefully and thoughtfully.


Many of Ann Arbor’s local alternative health care providers make our wellness department section a destination and often send their clients to us because of our good selection of supplements, bulk and encapsulated medicinal herbs, tinctures, homeopathics, healing salves and balms. We even have handmade soaps salves, make-up and hair care products that are perfect for pampering with a clear conscience, since they include cruelty-free and fragrance-free and hypoallergenic options

Although we are not a pharmacy and can’t diagnose conditions or prescribe remedies, our knowledgeable staff can help you make your selections. We do encourage you to always check with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new treatment or diet regimen.

Bulk Foods

Staying true to how many Co-ops began we have a really extensive bulk section where you can get everything from bright orange lentils to wonderfully warm sticky local honey. You can grind as much or as little peanut butter as your heart desires or take home a giant bag of malt balls to eat in the car! Look for our cooking instruction for some of the items you may not have tried before – experimentation can be fun!

Case Discounts

Need a lot of something? Want to save some money? We can pre-order you a case of any item we carry. Co-op members receive a 20% discount off the shelf price (or sale price, whichever is lower) for non-perishables. Non-members save 10%. Anyone can save 10% off a case order of perishable goods. Ask a cashier how you can place an order today. We can usually get what you need within a few business days.


Our area is lucky to have local milk and egg producers and much of what we have in the coolers is of course organic. We carry a selection of animal rennet free cheese as well as an interesting selection of other cheeses from sweet smelling to stinky! Since many of our member/customers are vegan we make sure to stock a wide range of vegan proteins in their own special cooler.