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Online Orders for Curb-side Pick-up

Shopping can be stressful right now, we understand. The People’s Food Co-op is trying to help make it a little easier. We are offering temporary online ordering for Curb-side pick-up for those who can’t go out in public right now.

Please understand that we have put this system in place in the past few days and we will fine tune it as we go.

How it works

This is an online program only.

Fill out the form below with all the information we need to do your shopping for you!

Please list below the items that you are wanting in your order. Know that, like many grocery stores, we are experiencing out of stocks on some key items. We will shop for reasonable replacements, unless you tell us otherwise. If something does not come in your order, it is likely out of stock.

Example List:

  • 1 Pink Lady Apple Bag – or – 6 good eating apples, prefer organic
  • 1 loaf Dave’s Good Seed Bread – if not available don’t substitute
  • Thyme – prefer fresh, if dry about 4 oz from bulk.


We will call you first when we start shopping your order, you can make additions or deletions then.

Be as detailed as possible in your list (try to include brands, sizes, etc)

For frozen or refrigerated items, we will charge you for an insulated co-op bag for $3.99.

We will call you a 2nd time with a total when your order is ready, and we will ask you to pay by credit card over the phone and we will provide further instructions for picking up your order. Please be prepared to come to the store as soon as your order is ready and paid for.

Once you’re at the store call us at this dedicated phone number 1-734-994-9174 and we will bring your groceries out to your car.

Payment will be collected by credit/debit card over the phone when we let you know your order is ready. Please see F.A.Q’s for more information.

Due to these unprecedented circumstances we will not be charging for this service at this time. If circumstances change, we may initiate a shopping fee to cover our labor expenses.

For online orders during this time – there are no refunds and no returns.

* These orders cannot include beer or wine.*

If you have any questions about this program see our F.A.Q’s section, or don’t hesitate to ask!


Frequent Asked Questions Go Here



Thank you for your continued support!

Items Requested

For frozen or refrigerated items, we will charge you for an insulated co-op bag for $3.99.

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