Online Order FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Order system

Frequent Asked Question

What is Curbside Pick-up and how does it work?
Curbside Pick-up is a grocery ordering service from The People’s Food Co-op. You can order your groceries online by filling out the form below and pick them up at the store from the convenience of your car. Our team will bring out your order and load it into the back of your vehicle.

What kinds of products can I buy through the pick up service?
You can use Curbside Pick-up to order produce, meat, groceries, bath, body and wellness items.

EXCLUSIONS: Prepared deli foods, beer & wine, are not available for curbside pick up.

Are there minimums and fees for using Curbside Pick-up?
Due to these unprecedented circumstances we will not be charging for this service at this time. If circumstances change, we may initiate a delivery fee to cover our labor expense.

*At check out, should an order fall below $75 for any reason, including out of stocks, lack of substitutions, etc. the co-op reserves the right to charge a $5 service fee. 

For the safety of our shoppers and staff, pick up orders must be paid for in advance by phone.

  • We accepts credit and debit cards only.
  • Cash and check cannot be accepted at this time.
  • We are currently unable to accept government benefits (including WIC and SNAP) as payment.
  • We  can accept EBT, Customer need to come in store to enter their PIN.


How do I know my personal information is secure?
We recognize that privacy is very important to our shoppers, and we pledge to protect the security and privacy of any personal information that you provide to us. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit/debit cards, and any information that can be linked to an individual. The co-op only uses the information for said transaction. We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to outside companies or marketing firms.

Can I add items to my pick up order?
No additions or substitutions can be made to any Curbside Pick-up order once the order has been placed. The co-op employee delivering your order will not be able to provide additional services.

How will my groceries be bagged?

  • Primarily, groceries will be packaged in our paper bags.
  • We will not accept personal reusable bags.


How do I know I received everything I ordered?
Our staff will carefully check your order to ensure that all items are included. If you have a question about your order once you unpack your items, please contact us at Co+op 1-734-994-9174

Do you accept coupons and discounts?
Paper coupons do not apply. Items on sale will remain at their sale price. We cannot extend the monthly member discount at this time.

Are tips accepted for pick up?
While it is appreciated, our employees do not accept tips.

How are weighted items chosen?
For weighted items, such as produce, meat and seafood, our staff will choose the items that most closely match what you’ve ordered, down to the weight or count. If you have special instructions (i.e. ripe avocados) that you would like the shopper to follow, you must provide that information during the ordering process.

I like to pick my own produce, meat and seafood. How do I know you’ll pick the freshest available?
Quality is our top priority. Our staff will hand-select produce, meat and seafood items for each order with great care. These items will then be stored appropriately (in an insulated bag) until it’s time for pick up.

How do the products stay fresh until my order is ready for pick up?

For frozen or cold items, you will need to purchase an insulated co-op bag $3.99.
Perishable items like meat and produce are selected by staff shortly before your order is scheduled for pick up. Your items will be stored for maximum freshness.

What if an item in my order is unavailable in the store?
We strive to keep items in stock. However, an item you’ve selected may occasionally be unavailable. Our staff is trained to make substitutions for out of stock items, so your order will always have the items you need, as close to your original order as possible.

  • Availability is limited. We cannot guarantee particular items or brands.
  • Please identify if you have special dietary requirements when placing your order.

When you place your order, you will indicate whether you will allow substitutions. If a substitution is necessary, we’ll follow the steps below to fill your order as best we can.

  • Substitutions may include conventional for organic, generic for brand names, degree of ripeness.
  • If you don’t agree to substitutions, you may have gaps in your order.
  • Agreeing to substitutions applies to the entire order. We cannot guarantee particular exceptions.
  • Any special dietary items (gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan) will be substituted with items that meet the same dietary requirements, or left off the order in the case of no options available.


What if I am not satisfied with something when I get home?
If you have questions or you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, please contact us.