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Sustainability is relevant to everything we do at People’s Food Co+op. From the products we source to the organizations we support to our recycling program, concern for our environment and our community is always top of mind. We partner with local growers, champion organic, and provide a space for community growth. See how your co-op is working towards making our planet a healthier place.

Co-op ExplorersCo+op Explorers

Kids ages 12 and under are invited to become a Co+op Explorer and be eligible to receive one free piece of fruit per visit. To become a Co+op Explorer, kids simply need to bring a parent or supervising adult ask a sales associate how to become a Co+op Explore then get piece of fruit and enjoy eating it while you shop.

What should you do with the peel or core? Simply throw them away in the compost bin by the deli. If you don’t see it, just ask a staff person.

When you check out, please remind the cashier that your child or children ate a free piece of fruit as part of Co+op Explorers so that we can track participation in the program.

Check out our summer kids program:

  • Coloring Contest
  • Kids Recipes
  • Word Find
  • Scavenger Hunt

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions, please ask a cashier. We’re happy to help!.

ken_king_award_trophyKen King Award

Ken-KingKEN KING was a pioneer organic farmer, owner of Frog Holler Organic Farm and a dear friend to the People’s Food Co-op who passed away in 2009. In honor of his legacy, PFC established the Ken King Life as Art Award, to be given each year at our Annual Meeting to someone who has shown fearless and creative dedication and hard work living their ideals in the realms of social justice, politics, spirituality, art or just plain conscious living. Recipients of the award are chosen by a committee of PFC board members and member-owners. Ken was the first recipient (posthumously) of this award named in his honor.