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Voting Starts Monday April 8, 2019 and Ends Monday April 29th, 2019

Ray Anderson


I accepted an appointment to the board of directors for the chief reason that our co-op has provided so much to my family in the decades that we have been members. I have treasured being part of this community. Our co-op has changed through the years, but it still provides a unique opportunity to ethically shop for food and to work with others to forge a shared vision in how we use our physical and financial resources. ln deciding to accept a board position, I felt that it was time to give back, to work hard, to help build a sustainable future for our co-op. ln the time that I have worked with the PFC Linkage Committee, it has been my mission, along with the other committee members, to make sure that all members not only feel involved with board decisions but that they have input into our co-op’s long-term future. I bring my love of the co-op to my work on the board. ln 2021, we will have our 50th anniversary, and there will be much to celebrate. The impact of our cooperative, since its inception in 1971, has been immense in Ann Arbor. Besides providing and promoting healthy and organic food, our members have helped build a growing and supportive network of deep local businesses, and we have contributed to Ann Arbor’s food security through supporting local farms and sustainable agriculture. We have much to look forward to in our future. I am committed to keeping our important work at Peoples Food Co-op relevant for years to come.

Hannah Davis

I have been a very satisfied customer at the PFC for over a year now, and it’s been a choice of both ideals and convenience, since I am a Kerrytown resident and PFC is my local grocery store. My mother has been a member of the Kalamazoo Food Co-op as long as I can remember, and instilled in me that belief of the importance of having a locally-owned and locally-invested store which can be an agent of change in the community. I became interested in the governance side of the co-op at the November town hall, when I found out the struggles the organization had been going through and heard the Board’s plan for recovery. It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to be involved in this process, to give some of my time and effort back to this organization that I love!
My greatest strength as a potential Board member is as a communicator and a listener. My passion is for translation, finding the best way to talk to different parties in the language they know, to maximize understanding (e.g. by avoiding jargon-laden explanations that only serve people who are already experts). The Board has been dealing with a lot of frustration from members about transparency and communication, about the state of the co-op and the Board’s role and responsibilities. I want to help change that perception and enable a greater and more productive dialog between the Board and members where each group sees the other as teammates, not adversaries. In addition, it seems like there is a lot of confusion about what the co-op should be to the community: a downtown grocery, a local food store, an accessible store, an organization working for sustainability. These are hard priorities to balance, and there’s not one right answer: a strong, sustainable co-op should be flexible enough to change to meet the needs of the community.
A little about myself! I’m trained as an engineer, but have held a variety of other roles throughout my career, most recently working as a consultant to large companies, helping them figure out how to innovate and try new things: I had a lot of practice there at juggling competing priorities, as well as thinking outside the box of “this is what we have always done.” I embrace nuance and complexity, am an unfailing optimist, and am a master list-maker.
I would be overjoyed to join the Board and help the PFC thrive long into the future!


Michael Jenrich

One day in 1972 I was walking down South State St. and saw a sign that said “People’s Food Co-op”. There was an arrow pointing down and I walked down some steps to a basement room with a dirt floor. In that room the co-op sold brown rice, rolled oats and 7-grain granola. That was the start of the People’s Food Co-op.

That day was also the start of my journey of eating natural foods. Since that day, I have shopped at PFC at all of its locations (South State, Packard and North Fourth Ave.}. I have experienced all of the strengths of the co-op and all of the challenges that the coop has faced. I believe that I know what the coop needs to do to return to a path of sustainability.

Over the course of my life, I have been an environmental engineer, computer programmer and an operations manager. Currently I am the manager of the A-Ride program for the company that has the contract to transport all of the seniors and individuals with disabilities for the Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti area (you may have seen our white cars and lift buses that display the “A-Ride” logo}. I have found my work to be very rewarding in that we are able to provide this population group with transportation freedom. During my college days at the University of Michigan, I live in two cooperative houses that were part of the Inter Cooperative Council. From these experiences I learned the importance of cooperative values.

Based on these life experiences, I believe that I am in a perfect position to help the PFC in its time of need. With your vote I am looking forward to having the opportunity to serve.

Thank you

Amanda McCreless


I am interested in Board of Directors because I support the vision of bringing local food to the community while proactively sustaining a local economy alongside local farmers, vendors, community members and staff members. I accepted a board-appointed role last spring to fulfill another board member’s term and I would like to continue that role but this time for a full term.

Having 14 years customer service coupled with academic background experience has equipped me with the skills to tackle problem solving, editing and outreach. I’d like to continue to utilize those skills in a meaningful way to help People’s Food Co-op progress into the future as both a board member and a staff member.

People’s Food Co-op already plays such an important role in my life and means so much to so many others and maintaining that foundation to help guide us into the future is as important and critical as ever and I would love to continue to be a part of cultivating this community-lead organization.

It’s Election Season!

Let your voice be heard! VOTE! With the continuation of online voting, it is so easy to participate. Vote at home, vote in the store, request a paper ballot: just vote! This is an important opportunity be an active member of OUR member-owned store. This opportunity for participation is what sets PFC apart from other stores in the community. The board members steer the direction of the store by creating the policies that the PFC general manager and staff follow. As board members we represent YOU! So take the time to learn about the candidates and vote!


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  • Enter your member number and last name to access the ballot. Your name and number must match that in our records.
  • To find your member number look on the back of your key-tag or member card, i.e.: 4 0000012345 4 (the numbers 12345 in the example is your member number).
  • If you don’t remember your member number call PFC (734)994-9174 or ask a cashier.
  • Choose no more than three candidates.
  • Hit continue to submit your ballot.

All voting will begin Monday, April 8, 2019 and end Monday, April 29,2018 at 6pm sharp!

If you have any questions, contact us at (734)994-4589 or

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting more involved at the Co-op, serving on any one of several board committees is a great option! We are always looking for members to lend their time and energy to help make PFC a better co-op. To find out more information about which committees exist and what efforts are needed at this time, contact our vice president or attend this month’s board meeting. We’d love to have you join us!