A PFC Sonnet from the Sonnet Bomber

We were recently gifted a beautiful sonnet from the Sonnet Bomber. We are so grateful for the kind, impactful words. We hope you enjoy!

No. 25
People’s Food Co-op

A store that’s of the people, by the people
For the people framed, designed, and run
And founded on the premise that we’re equal
And should have equal share in what is done;
A store that uses ethics to consider
The goods and wares it places on the shelves
And trades with local farmers and providers
To profit others as they do themselves;
A store where those who serve have equal standing,
Where those who buy do not presume to rule,
Where we interact as partners, understanding
That mutual respect is common fuel-
We keep our ideals strong here, you and me;
Maintaining a benign democracy.

With love and gratitude,

The Sonnet Bomber

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