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Letter from the Board

December 14th 2016 On December 9th, eligible PFC staff voted in favor of a union. The PFC Board of Directors and Management welcome the union as a new partner in our workplace. We look forward to working together to continue making the Co-Op the best it can be for member-owners, staff, and the community at large. Following the election, all parties will move on to the next phase of implementation, which will involve negotiating a union contract and defining the bargaining unit. We understand that in the midst of an election campaign things can get heated. Now that the election is over we hope that we can work to build an environment of greater trust. Towards this goal, the PFC Board would like to clear the air. We would like to clarify at least two general concerns for our member-owners, the staff, and the community. 1. At no time were any activities undertaken nor discussions conducted by the Board, the General Manager, the Human Resources Manager, or other managers, to prevent or interfere with the union. In order to promote a fair and democratic outcome we have remained neutral at all times in all ways. 2. Several claims were made about actions by our General Manager Lesley Perkins. Due to privacy concerns, management action on personnel issues often goes unseen by the staff. Please know that People’s Food Co-op strives to be a model workplace ( about/policies/#Ends% 20Policies) and operates at all times to meet the intent and purpose of labor law. Our Board works diligently to ensure that management acts both to protect the Co-op from liability as... read more

A PFC Sonnet from the Sonnet Bomber

We were recently gifted a beautiful sonnet from the Sonnet Bomber. We are so grateful for the kind, impactful words. We hope you enjoy! No. 25 People’s Food Co-op A store that’s of the people, by the people For the people framed, designed, and run And founded on the premise that we’re equal And should have equal share in what is done; A store that uses ethics to consider The goods and wares it places on the shelves And trades with local farmers and providers To profit others as they do themselves; A store where those who serve have equal standing, Where those who buy do not presume to rule, Where we interact as partners, understanding That mutual respect is common fuel- We keep our ideals strong here, you and me; Maintaining a benign democracy. With love and gratitude, The Sonnet Bomber Visit The Sonnet Bomber on Facebook:... read more

November 2016 Board Matters News and updates from your PFC Board of Directors

The People’s Food Co-op Board has been working with cooperative consulting firm, CDS Consulting Co-Op. This firm specializes in food cooperatives, such as ours. Their expertise has helped us to clarify our policies, to work better as a team and to envision our future. Our assigned consultant, Jade Barker, returned to Ann Arbor to design our mid-October retreat. Barker led us through a very productive agenda, which included presentations on how to formulate a vision and how the Board can incorporate that vision into policy. After discussing the obstacles that PFC is facing, we are motivated to tackle and resolve the issues that we have identified. In the past few months, the store has transitioned to using compostable containers for PFC packaged food and café items. These containers are acceptable to be composted in the city’s compost bins but they are not ideal for composting in your own home composting system, as you may not generate enough heat in a small bin to decompose them in the short run. As a bonus, every case of containers purchased from the supplier, 20 Liters (, one month of clean water is donated to a village in Rwanda. PFC spends a good deal of resources on credit card transaction fees. We’d like to cut the cost of these fees but need the assistance of our members. Consider this: “If you owned a business, and had two ways of conducting a financial transaction, one way which cost 2% of every transaction and the other way without any fees, wouldn’t you prefer to make those financial transactions in a way without a fee? “... read more


Co-op UpDate Newsletter Download Here Co-op Myths We love our members, but you don’t have to be one to shop at the Co-op. Come on over and grab a fair trade iced coffee or a farm fresh salad today–we’re judgement free and everyone is welcome! Please share! It’s a CO-OP EXCLUSIVE and you can only Purchase RIOJANA WINE from us here in Ann... read more

Everyday Savings with Co-op Basics

Looking to stretch your grocery budget? So are we! That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Co+op Basics program. Co+op Basics offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items. From milk to cereal, you’ll find new low prices on some old favorites and on some delicious new additions. Don’t worry, we aren’t paying our farmers or employees any less. We’re simply committed to improving our selection and standing by our mission to bring healthy affordable options to our customers. Look for the Co-op Basic logo through out our store and save!... read more

Documenting The History of PFC

          Where you a founding member of the Co-op in 1971? How many generations of your family have shopped here? Do you remember all the different locations of the Co-op?    Or do you have a favorite piece of PFC Swag that you just refuse to part with? As our 45th anniversary approaches we want to capture the long journey of our beloved Co-op. We are looking for your favorite parts of People’s Food Co-op history to compile into a BOOK. Now is the time to document any information, memories, anecdotes, photos, and artifacts (to be photographed) that you would like to contribute. This information can be sent in via email or delivered to us over the next two months. Please email information to: Or drop your memories off in store with one of our Managers on Duty, with attention to PFC Book Or send by snail mail to: 216 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Or Stop by our table at the Co-op Appreciation Open House on October... read more

BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT: Eden Food Petition Failed to Meet Quorum

  On May 9th, PFC member owners successfully registered a petition to place the following question on a ballot: Should the PFC Boycott Eden Foods? This action was in response to Eden Foods’ lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act requirement of medical coverage for women’s preventative health care, claiming exemption under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The petition process was followed per PFC board policy G.11 Member Petitions. Signatures were collected both on paper and electronically over the next 45 days. Upon closing of the petition period, the signatures were verified to ensure that all signers were PFC members and that member names and numbers matched. All invalid signatures were removed. PFC bylaw 4.7 states that a petition must be signed by at least 10% of the membership to be valid, thus, 818 signatures were required to place the boycott question on the ballot. Despite significant effort from some dedicated member owners, the petition was short by 123 signatures. Thus, the petition process was unsuccessful at placing the Eden Foods boycott question on the ballot. The board recognizes that the community would benefit from ongoing discussion on the issue and the Member Linkage Committee will investigate a community forum to support ongoing dialog ue. Please stay tuned for more... read more

Board Announcement: Invalid Election

  The 2015 People’s Food Co-op Board election failed to meet the required quorum of 10 % of the membership, 816 votes. Only 531 members voted during the 28 day election period ending on April 27th.   The two Board members whose terms were to have expired with this election will continue to serve until the 2016 election unless they decide to resign from their position on the Board. This is in accordance with bylaw 5.2 which states “Directors shall serve for three (3) years or until their successors are elected, whichever is longer.”     The Board was sad that quorum was not met. We acknowledge that more could have been done to get out the vote. The Board wants to do all it can to correct this problem going forward.   In response to failure to meet quorum, the Board of People’s Food Co-op held a special meeting on May 4th. The Board discussed options and decided to try to conduct a repeat election in a timely fashion if this was determined by our lawyer to be a legal option in accordance with our bylaws. However, in consultation with our lawyer it was determined that a repeat election prior to next year was not a legal option.    At our regular May board meeting the Board of Directors accepted the advice of our lawyer and decided not to pursue a prompt repeat election.    The Board has begun an initial effort to better understand our membership activity as a first step towards assuring that quorum is achieved in the... read more

Board Announcement: Board Member Resignation and New Appointment

Vanessa Marr notified the board in early March 2015 of her intention to resign from the board due to work commitments that made it impossible for her to continue. The Board accepted Vanessa’s resignation at the May 2015 Board meeting. We appreciate Vanessa’s many contributions to the Board and to the Coop. She has been a valuable presence on the board since she joined us in 2013 and will be missed. At the June board meeting, Bruce Curtis was appointed to serve out the remainder of Vanessa’s term. That term ends in the Spring of 2017, two years from now. Bruce was a candidate for the Board in the April Board election. Bruce has been a long time supporter of the Coop and served on the original Coop board. We look forward to working with... read more


  MOVIES, FESTIVALS, and EVENTS! Come Visit Our Tent! Every Saturday outside the Co-op from 9am till 1pm. Live Music! Every Thursday in Café Verde from 6pm till 8pm. _____________________________________________ NEW BOARD – 2015 Ann Sprunger – President – Gaia Kile – Vice President – Leah Hagamen – Secetary – Matt Graff – Treasure – Rebecca Kanner – Keegan Rodgers – Bruce Curtis – Contact Gaia Kile Board Vice President for more information. read more