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Meet our Teachers

Ellen Livingston


Ellen Livingston’s professional credentials include a master’s degree in counseling, specialized in Art Therapy, Registered Yoga Teacher certification with the national Yoga Alliance, and Raw Nutritional Science training from internationally renowned raw food and fitness teachers, Dr.Doug Graham and Professor Rozalind Gruben Graham. She embodies more than twenty years of independent research on the topics of health and nutrition, her own personal experience adhering to a raw vegan diet since 2002 and coaching others since 2007, commitment to a personal yoga practice, and the knowledge gained from traveling the country and beyond to numerous workshops and training events in the complementary fields of life coaching, dream building, raw food nutrition, yoga, physical fitness, and sustainable living practices. Her other passions include – growing food, flowers, and community, exploring creative building projects, bicycling, hiking, traveling, making art and music, meditation and yoga in her magical 30′ yurt, and playing in the tropical waterfalls, oceans and jungles of Costa Rica as often as she can.

Linda Diane Feldt

Linda Diane FeldtLinda Diane Feldt has been a student of the healing arts since 1973. Providing “an integrated approach to holistic health care since 1980”. Linda Diane was called “the doyenne of alternative healing” by the Ann Arbor Observer and as a national “notable in the field” by Massage Magazine.  She has served nationally as well as locally in a variety of roles; as a board member for national and local organizations, multiple appointments as a legislative consultant, volunteering as a crisis counselor and trainer, teaching high school through graduate level courses, working in the field for environmental projects, and more. Her eclectic experiences are demonstrated in the wide range of subjects covered in her 6 publications, and her ongoing work in the field of Holistic Health care. Linda Diane was born in Ann Arbor Michigan, and has lived there for most of her life.

Keegan RodgersKeegan Rodgers

Keegan Rodgers is the head baker and pastry chef at the People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor. After 30 years of baking, he continues to expand his experience and resume as his love of the craft expands. He is a certified pastry chef with American Culinary Federation. Currently he teaches with Washtenaw Community College in the Culinary Arts Program, and Sur la Table. He specializes in gluten-free, vegan baking. He estimates his cookie baking count to be over 1,000,000.

David M HallDavid Hall

David has been studying human health and nutrition for 2 decades. He has professionally prepared food, provided nutritional consultations, taught classes, and managed organic farms, gardens, and orchards for many years. He has continued to pursue consciousness studies since completing a B.S. in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and has led many classes, and retreats related to this.