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Everything you need to know to Vote!

Meet your 2018 Candidates!

Greg Upshur

I have decided to once again run for the board. The first time I ran for the board , which was a few years ago, my eyes were opened to the daunting challenges the Co-Op faced. I have to say it was a bit discouraging. I might have been relieved I was not elected. Recently, while shopping at the store, I noticed things were not quite right. I want to help. Here I am. Why would you want me on the board? Actually, you might not . I have a tendency to stir things up a bit. I’m not a “regular guy”. I am a Chef. I am a domestic pro. I run a small business. I hang with some pretty smart people. I am a family guy with 5 kids. I row. I sing. People at the store know me.

The PFC is not going to compete with stores like Amazons’ Whole Foods, or Plum Market. ..But what it can do is once again be the store that inspired these businesses. Before any of these health superstores were around, PFC was the grass roots that started it all. Let us take it back. Bigger is not always better. It takes hard work and passion to bring the product and service The Peoples Food Co-Op can be known for. It starts with the people.


Lorraine(Rainey) Lamey

The PFC Board offers an opportunity to serve our PFC community. I would bring twenty years of membership, a renewed health that I attribute to the relational food
approach of the co-op, and two decades of various policy and analysis work. Also my early work in the non-profit environment area demonstrated how challenging non-normative environmental, agricultural and other practices can be in our society. Our role is to witness the life and viability of relational food communities. Our priorities should be dual commitments to our mission and financial stability; and should the Board agree as a whole—community education as to the importance of relational food through education and the liveliness of our business.
It is important to understand what it is we are eating and where and who it comes from.

Jaime Magiera


People’s Food Co-Op contributes many things to our community. It allows us to purchase healthy food that is sustainably sourced. It provides an outlet for local farmers to sell their goods. It provides a nurturing workplace where employees can earn a living wage. The Co-Op’s events and classes provide an opportunity to share information about healthy living and sustainable practices. Very importantly, the Co-Op provides the unique opportunity for community ownership. Every member-owner has a voice and a vote. I want to ensure that the Co-Op continues to be an integral part of our community, providing these benefits to all, into the future.

Since my election in 2016, I’ve brought to the board an ethic of transparency and a consistent focus on improving our communications and expanding opportunities for member-owner participation in PFC. I brought forward an initiative to digitize the board’s materials and make them accessible online. This has led to our materials being better organized and more easily accessed by board members, member-owners, and the greater community. I’ve improved our meeting minutes, putting them in a more accessible format for member-owners and making them easier to understand in the context of our monthly agenda. I proposed the creation of a direct social media presence to alert member-owners about upcoming meetings, their associated agendas and minutes, and other opportunities to get involved. As Vice President and Chair of the Linkage Committee, I’ve worked to create a clearer path for member-owners to join our committees. As a member of the General Manager Search Committee, I’ve advocated for candidates who are familiar with—and strongly represent—our Co-Op values. As a member of the newly-formed Diversity Committee, I’ve researched how the Co-Op can be welcoming and nurturing to employees and member-owners across the spectrum.

The Co-Op is at a crucial moment in our story.
We have financial limitations, space limitations, and a variety of other challenges. Addressing these issues will require a board that is efficient, agile, and willing to tackle these challenges head on. We need board leadership with a vision for PFC’s future—and a willingness and ability to communicate that vision effectively and proactively to member-owners. We must be willing to change, but also willing to listen to good ideas (regardless of their source) and let other people and viewpoints help direct that change.

I’m asking for your vote so that I can continue my work in those areas, ensuring the longevity of the organization and the satisfaction of member-owners.

It’s Election Season!

Let your voice be heard! VOTE! With the continuation of online voting, it is so easy to participate. Vote at home, vote in the store, request a paper ballot: just vote! This is an important opportunity be an active member of OUR member-owned store. This opportunity for participation is what sets PFC apart from other stores in the community. The board members steer the direction of the store by creating the policies that the PFC general manager and staff follow. As board members we represent YOU! So take the time to learn about the candidates and vote!

Voting online is easy!

  • Go to
  • Enter your member number and last name to access the ballot. Your name and number must match that in our records.
  • To find your member number look on the back of your key-tag or member card, i.e.: 4 0000012345 4 (the numbers 12345 in the example is your member number).
  • If you don’t remember your member number call PFC (734)994-9174 or ask a cashier.
  • Choose no more than three candidates.
  • Hit continue to submit your ballot.

All voting will begin Wednesday, April 4, 2018 and end Thursday, April 26,2018 at 6pm sharp!

If you have any questions, contact us at (734)994-4589 or

staffGet Involved

If you are interested in getting more involved at the Co-op, serving on any one of several board committees is a great option! We are always looking for members to lend their time and energy to help make PFC a better co-op. To find out more information about which committees exist and what efforts are needed at this time, contact our vice president or attend this month’s board meeting. We’d love to have you join us!