Letter from the Board

December 14th 2016

On December 9th, eligible PFC staff voted in favor of a union. The PFC Board of Directors and Management welcome the union as a new partner in our workplace. We look forward to working together to continue making the Co-Op the best it can be for member-owners, staff, and the community at large. Following the election, all parties will move on to the next phase of implementation, which will involve negotiating a union contract and defining the bargaining unit.

We understand that in the midst of an election campaign things can get heated. Now that the election is over we hope that we can work to build an environment of greater trust. Towards this goal, the PFC Board would like to clear the air. We would like to clarify at least two general concerns for our member-owners, the staff, and the community.

1. At no time were any activities undertaken nor discussions conducted by the Board, the General Manager, the Human Resources Manager, or other managers, to prevent or interfere with the union. In order to promote a fair and democratic outcome we have remained neutral at all times in all ways.

2. Several claims were made about actions by our General Manager Lesley Perkins. Due to privacy concerns, management action on personnel issues often goes unseen by the staff.

Please know that People’s Food Co-op strives to be a model workplace (http://peoplesfood.coop/ about/policies/#Ends% 20Policies) and operates at all times to meet the intent and purpose of labor law. Our Board works diligently to ensure that management acts both to protect the Co-op from liability as well as in the best interests of our staff.¬†

We look forward to the year ahead and welcome any comments or questions about the future direction of the Co-op.

Thank you for your continued support of the Co-Op.

People’s Food Co-Op Board of Directors¬†