BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT: Eden Food Petition Failed to Meet Quorum


On May 9th, PFC member owners successfully registered a petition to place the following question on a ballot: Should the PFC Boycott Eden Foods? This action was in response to Eden Foods’ lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act requirement of medical coverage for women’s preventative health care, claiming exemption under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The petition process was followed per PFC board policy G.11 Member Petitions. Signatures were collected both on paper and electronically over the next 45 days. Upon closing of the petition period, the signatures were verified to ensure that all signers were PFC members and that member names and numbers matched. All invalid signatures were removed. PFC bylaw 4.7 states that a petition must be signed by at least 10% of the membership to be valid, thus, 818 signatures were required to place the boycott question on the ballot. Despite significant effort from some dedicated member owners, the petition was short by 123 signatures. Thus, the petition process was unsuccessful at placing the Eden Foods boycott question on the ballot. The board recognizes that the community would benefit from ongoing discussion on the issue and the Member Linkage Committee will investigate a community forum to support ongoing dialog ue. Please stay tuned for more details