Board Announcement: Invalid Election

The 2015 People’s Food Co-op Board election failed to meet the required quorum of 10 % of the membership, 816 votes. Only 531 members voted during the 28 day election period ending on April 27th.
The two Board members whose terms were to have expired with this election will continue to serve until the 2016 election unless they decide to resign from their position on the Board. This is in accordance with bylaw 5.2 which states “Directors shall serve for three (3) years or until their successors are elected, whichever is longer.”  
The Board was sad that quorum was not met. We acknowledge that more could have been done to get out the vote. The Board wants to do all it can to correct this problem going forward.
In response to failure to meet quorum, the Board of People’s Food Co-op held a special meeting on May 4th. The Board discussed options and decided to try to conduct a repeat election in a timely fashion if this was determined by our lawyer to be a legal option in accordance with our bylaws. However, in consultation with our lawyer it was determined that a repeat election prior to next year was not a legal option. 
At our regular May board meeting the Board of Directors accepted the advice of our lawyer and decided not to pursue a prompt repeat election. 
The Board has begun an initial effort to better understand our membership activity as a first step towards assuring that quorum is achieved in the future.